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On a 2013 F150, if I replace the Molded Leadframe (OEM AL3Z-7G276-D), do I need to reprogram the powertrain control - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. ... My 2014 … Sep 8, 2020 · "The transmission range sensor is part of the molded leadframe inside the transmission and removal of the transmission valve body is required to access it. If the range sensor is faulty or if the range sensor signal doesn't get from the transmission to the PCM, the PCM won't ground the starter relay.
2009 - 2014 F150 - Lead frame “repaired” now - So they did the lead frame repair. 5 miles later and in first gear I get a slam from the rear. Next in 3rd gear it …
Apr 9, 2020 · leadframe failure aligned perfectly for a free transmission oil change interval of 60k. Changed trans oil on mine at about 60k & at 120k (w/filter). Now with 146k miles am sorta hoping leadframe symptoms show soon before 150k warranty extension ends. If it does I’ll get a free oil change and extend the next trans oil change from 180k to over 200k!