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As such, courts in California require evidence that a child is in danger. For example, a custody modification lawyer in California may ask doctors to testify about injuries a child sustained. Physical Relocation. An California child custody order is usually meant to allow a child to benefit from the care and guidance of both parents. Jul 17, 2006 · Recently, there have been more focused examinations of potential evaluator biases in child custody evaluations, such as the impact of confirmatory bias (Martindale, 2005) or evaluator distortions ...
Another key component to a child custody evaluation is an observation of each parent with the child. In addition, observation of siblings, step or half-siblings, step-parents, and significant others such as grandparents (if they reside in the household or have an ongoing role in caretaking) is a necessary component of the forensic evaluation.
NY S 2084. Title: Prohibits certain forensic child custody evaluators from appearing as an expert witness in family court Author: Peter B. Harckham Summary Prohibits forensic child custody evaluators who have been terminated for cause from appearing as an expert witness in family court custody and visitation proceedings.