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Dec 13, 2011 ... Now if you try to remove this device, what happens in that hardened rod has nowhere to go and it can't break easily because of how it is welded ... When it showed up we inspected it and discovered that the muzzle device looks to have been "welded" with JB Weld or some similar product. After we got done laughing hysterically we asked our selves if this would legally qualify as "permanently attached" in MA and if it would even hold up under use.
Jun 6, 2021 ... Your photos suck, it kinda looks pinned, can you drop a drill bit into that hole and touch the barrel? You need to take the handguard off, put ...
Best. Add a Comment. scbackpacker • 53 min. ago. Muzzle device pin and weld hole through barrel. Had a friend pin and weld an epsilon vg6 slim on my barrel. He accidentally drilled through the barrel. It about 1/4 from the end of the barrel.