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It is the new bidding of two toll road concessions that are coming to an end: Tebe (controlled by engineering companies) and Triângulo do Sol (owned by Bertin and the Italian … 2012. 4. 17. ... Remarkably, The Toll Roads – which are owned and maintained by the state of California — were built with virtually no taxpayer dollars.
North Texas Tollway Authority is a non-profit entity, and performs many of the same functions as the Texas Department of Transportation, but is limited solely to facilities that it operates for revenue. Contents 1 Board of Directors 2 Current roadways 2.1 Tollways 2.2 Bridges and tunnels 3 Planned roadways or expansions 4 History
The big difference is that you only pay for a toll road when you choose to drive on it. With tax-supported roads, the taxes you pay on fuel, tires another ...